At ABV Cannabis Company, we are passionate about the outdoors and our environment. Here in our homestate of Colorado, we try to get out and experience the scenic outdoors in any way we can. We also love to help visitors to our great state join in on those awesome experiences. Below we’ve collected some of our favorite hiking trails throughout the beautiful Colorado wilderness. Check them out and start #trailblazing!

Bear Creek Trail

Estes Park, Colorado

Difficulty: Easy
Trail Length (Roundtrip): 0.8 miles
Highest Elevation: Approx. 9,520 feet
Trail Traffic: Heavy

Turning off of Highway 36, you’ll want to take Bear Lake Road for about 9 miles until it ends at the trailhead of Bear Lake Trail. The trail guide (which you can purchase at the trailhead) recommends you go in a counter-clockwise direction, to follow along with the guide. Because it’s known to be a popular trail, especially with large families (be prepared, it will be crowded), it’s better to take the free park shuttle to get to the trailhead.

Greyrock Trail

Fort Collins, Colorado

Difficulty: Difficult
Trail Length (Roundtrip): 7.1 miles
Highest Elevation: Approx. 7,616 feet
Trail Traffic: Moderate

With the trailhead starting right off of Highway 14, about 17 miles from Fort Collins, this trail is a bit more of a challenge but well worth the views if you can reach the summit, and you could easily spend another hour scrambling around on the rocks up there. Keep in mind there are quite a lot of burn scars from the Poudre Canyon fire that scorched a lot of this area. A lot of plant life is starting to reclaim the area, however, and you’ll see plenty of awesome nature, including a lake on this hike.

Devil’s Backbone Trail

Loveland, Colorado

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Trail Length (Roundtrip): 4.4 – 5.9 miles
Highest Elevation: Approx. 5,350 feet
Trail Traffic: Moderately Heavy

Just outside of Loveland on your way up the canyon towards Estes Park is this quick and convenient set of looping trails. Be aware that this scenic trail does have residential properties nearby, as Loveland continues to develop, but you’ll still be able to appreciate nature’s beauty. This is a great hike for all levels and ages. Not much shade, so remember to bring a hat or wear plenty of sunscreen. This is also a notorious area for rattlesnakes, so be cautious and wear appropriate shoes. You’ll encounter other hikers as well as mountain bikers up on the trail, so be courteous and friendly.

Crystal Mill Trail

Marble/Aspen, Colorado

Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Length (Roundtrip): 8.5 miles
Highest Elevation: Approx. 9,200 feet
Trail Traffic: Moderately Heavy

Part of the Lead King Loop, this “trail” features a river with an old mill, just outside of the ghost town of Crystal, which was a bustling town in the silver boom. The Crystal Mill is only about 5 1/2 miles southeast of Marble, near Aspen. The mill itself is accessible via a dirt road, where you’ll need to watch for ATVs, 4WD cars, and dirt bikes, so while we encourage you to park lower near the mailboxes, you can technically drive (hiking is so much cooler though) almost right up to the mill. The hike is not too intense, considering its mostly a dirt road, but a lot of rocks as you get closer to the river and mill.

Granite Falls Trail

Grand Lake, Colorado

Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Length (Roundtrip): 10.2 miles
Highest Elevation: Approx. 9,750 feet
Trail Traffic: Moderate

Starting at the intersection of the Green Mountain Trailhead, this is a scenic loop that will take you about 5 – 7 hours to complete, depending on your pace. Since the trail is located in Rocky Mountain National Park, dogs are not allowed, unfortunately. To get to the trailhead, enter from the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, north of Grand Lake, Colorado, along Trail Ridge Road. From the Kawuneeche Visitor Center in Grand Lake, you’ll want to drive three miles north on Trail Ridge Road. The Green Mountain Trailhead will be on the right/east side of the road.

Crater Lake Trail

Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado

Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Length (Roundtrip): 3.6 miles
Highest Elevation: Approx. 10,100 feet
Trail Traffic: Moderately Heavy

We’re sure you know about the Maroon Bells and the Maroon Lake hike/scenic loop, as it’s one of Colorado’s most photographed spot, but take a stroll down the Maroon Snowmass trail to Crater Lake, northeast of Maroon Bells and northwest of Pyramid Peak. From Maroon Bells, the trail is fairly all uphill, so the journey back to Maroon Bells/Lake is an easy one. Still a decent amount of traffic around this area, but Crater Lake isn’t as popular and busy as other trails in this area.

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