About ABV

Our Mission

To create clean, consistent, high-quality cannabis products through compliant and sustainable business practices.

Our Vision

To be the go-to cannabis product company worldwide and to set the standard for quality in the industry.

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Our Story

My name is Adolphus A. Busch V, and I come from a long line of entrepreneurs whose products have all had one thing in common: QUALITY. Additionally, my upbringing instilled in me a deep passion for the outdoors as well as health and fitness.

My inherited trait of attention to detail combined with my own personal goal of living a healthy and active life has driven me to create a line of clean products with unmatched quality, using the best and most sustainable growing practices. That line of products is ABV Cannabis Company.

The ABV Cannabis Co. was born out of the desire to create a legacy of my own on my own. I began this journey during my college career at Colorado State University, and it finally came to fruition in 2018 with the disposable vape pen.

I used the knowledge gained during four years of working in the Colorado Cannabis industry to create ABV and the products that we offer. We will continue to grow by creating innovative products that can benefit everyone. This is an active company that believes cannabis goes hand-in-hand with living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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