7-Pack, Sativa

The ABV Cannabis Co. Seven Point Fives pack of pre-rolls is the ideal addition to your busy week! Rolled using greenhouse grown whole flower, the ABV Seven Point Fives are available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica strains. In each pack, you will find seven half gram joints rolled using brown, unbleached papers to make your smoking experience cleaner and tastier.

Our unique packaging adds value to your pre-roll experience by ensuring each joint is as fresh as possible. In each box, you will find a Boveda 2-way humidity control pack. Additionally, our team takes an extra step to ensure freshness of our joints by shrink wrapping each pack. With the Boveda pack and the shrink wrap finish, the packaging for the ABV Seven Point Fives is essentially a hand held humidifier for your joints. Grab a pack for your busy week and consume responsibly!

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Our sativa joints deliver uplifting and energetic effects. If you are looking for energy or inspiration for your day and prefer convenient pre-rolled joints, this is the product for you. We offer a variety of different sativa strains, each with unique effects created by the plants cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles. Find the ABV sativa strain that is right for you and consume resposibly.

Flower: Whole flower, strain specific, greenhouse grown
Papers: Brown, unbleached
Packaging: Unique, child resistant, shrink wrapped
Additions: 1g Boveda pack



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Our Cannabis

Our Cannabis

The health of our consumer and our environment is our top priority, which we show through our compliant business practices. All of the raw material used to create this oil is grown using natural sunlight in our Salida greenhouse, maximizing consistency and quality for every strain. We use a CO2 extraction method that does not distill the cannabis, which delivers a broad-spectrum, beautifully amber-colored oil.

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