As you’ve probably heard, Adolphus Busch V has been in conversations across various media platforms about the launch of ABV Cannabis Company. With more and more ears catching wind of the hype that is building around the new company launch, it’s important to note that with ABV Cannabis Company, THERE IS NO ASSOCIATION WITH ANHEUSER-BUSCH (InBev) IN ANY WAY, other than the family name.

“When Adolphus A. Busch V, the great-great-grandson of Eberhard Adolphus Anheuser Busch, announced the launch of his Colorado-based cannabis brand on October 10, there were plenty of easy assumptions to make about big alcohol’s infiltration of legal weed. But the Colorado State University graduate says Budweiser and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, have nothing to do with his new venture, ABV Cannabis Co.” (Read the entire article on Denver Westword)

The articles and interviews mainly highlight why Adolphus Busch V was inspired to move away from his family’s alcohol business and start a company in the ever-so-emerging cannabis industry. Adolphus explains what he learned from his family’s rich history of pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship, and how that, as well as his love for the culture of Colorado, helped shape what ABV Cannabis Company is all about.

“Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in the family business, creating quality and affordable products that appealed to a variety of consumers,” says Adolphus Busch V, founder of ABV Cannabis Co. “However, once I saw all the incredible benefits that cannabis could bring to people and the immense opportunity presented by the cannabis industry, I knew I could take all I learned from my pioneering family heritage and create a new legacy for myself in the cannabis space.” (Read the entire article at PR Newswire)

Fox Business sat down and talked with Adolphus Busch V to learn more about how and why ABV Cannabis Company was started. “I saw the booming [cannabis] industry…and I wanted to create a legacy for myself and create my own company.” – Adolphus Busch V.

(Watch the video at Fox Business)

As New York Post states, Adolphus decided to go a different route from that of the alcohol industry, after being denied even an entry-level position with Anheuser-Busch upon graduating from college in 2013. Anheuser-InBev stated that It had to do with “conflict of interest.”

(Read the entire article at New York Post)

When Cheddar, Inc. heard about the news of Adolphus launching a new cannabis company, they invited him to explain a little more about his weed start-up.

(Watch the full video at Cheddar, Inc)

Other media outlets have caught wind of the headline and have been sharing the hype around the new company started by Mr. Busch.

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