Colorado Best Fall Hikes To Catch The Foliage

Colorado gives you everything you could ever ask for and more in terms of the seasonal weather change. Fall is the perfect reminder to appreciate the beauty Colorado’s foothills have to offer. As the daylight begins to steadily diminish, the Fall foliage will be upon us sooner than you think. Living in Colorado, it is easy to become numb to it’s true beauty. When the leaves change, it reminds us why we love this state so dearly.

The beautiful state we live in is something we constantly explore at ABV Cannabis. Locals, transplants, and natives agree that the opportunities provided are endless. We have compiled some of our favorite fall hikes to experience the Fall foliage in perfect Colorado fashion.


Fern Lake Trailhead

7.1 miles out and back, 2 hour drive from Denver

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Fern Lake Trailhead is rated by Alltrails as a moderate trail that has an average level of foot traffic. We rate this trail as one of the best views of the Fall foliage that Colorado has to offer. The highlight of this trail is beautiful Fern Lake that’s surrounded by lush trees at the foot of the Rockies.

Wildlife flourishes on this hike. Hikers have seen bears, moose and other animals. The only downside is that dogs are not allowed.

Photos don’t do justice to the beauty you’ll experience in-person


Black Bear and Horseshoe Loop

5.4 miles round-trip, 45 minute drive from Denver

Golden Gate State Park

This hike is directly off of the I-70 corridor near Idaho Springs and Black Hawk. There are plenty of great day trip activities in the surrounding areas like hot springs and learning the deep rooted history of Central City. Black Bear and Horseshoe Loop have amazing sites that overlook vast mountain ranges and beautiful wildflowers. This trail is dog friendly with a leash and rated as a moderate trail by Alltrails.


Royal Arch Trail

3.5 miles out and back, 35 minute drive from Denver

Chautauqua Park, Boulder

While this hike is shorter than most, it still has the same elevation gain as other longer hikes. Alltrails ranks this hike as a difficult trail. It is rated this way because of how steep it is, but it’s family friendly with covered rest spots.

It is one of the most popular trails in Boulder for a reason. The view of the flatirons and Denver make it a Colorado staple. The user-generated photos on Alltrails truly show its beauty.  


Bear Creek and Bruin Bluff Trail

14.6 miles round-trip, 30 minute drive from Denver


The reviews on Alltrails are connected by a common theme, a shaded trail. Trail running, mountain biking, dogs, and hiking are all allowed on this trail. This is one of the longer hikes on our list but even with its length, you’re sure to be amazed.


Eccles Pass

10.2 miles out and back, 1.5 hour drive from Denver


The amount of peak overlooks on the Eccles Pass is immense. Snow typically stays on the pass until June/July so plan your clothing accordingly. But this opens up activities like snowshoeing and cross country skiing. With this trail you get the best of open space, creeks, shaded spots, and open valleys. Frisco also offers a plethora of lunch and dinner spots, as well as great breweries. Alltrails rates this trail very highly.


Bald Mountain

5.8 miles out and back, 2 hour drive from Denver

Boreas Pass, Breckenridge

If you have a car with four-wheel drive, this trail is for you. It is open to cars, bikes, horses, and foot traffic. This trail boasts wildflowers and provides hikers with a perfect 360 degree view of the Rockies. If you hit the highest peak, you are above tree line, so the Fall foliage will be right at your feet. Alltrails recommends a true off-road car to make the drive. We’d highly recommend trying Breckenridge Distillery or Breckenridge Brewery on your way home.  


Hope Pass

8.6 miles out and back, 2 hour drive from Denver


If you have never ventured to Leadville, this hike is a great introduction to what this quaint town has to offer. If you are ambitious, getting to the trail before the weekend hits could get you a camping spot by the lake. If you need convincing, just go look at the pictures on Alltrails.


Crater Lake

3.6 round-trip, 3.5 hour drive from Denver

White River National Forest, Aspen

While this hike is the furthest drive on the list, this iconic Colorado hike is on every nature photographer’s bucket list. This is the most popular hike in Aspen, but they help soften the foot traffic by only taking people to the trailhead by shuttle. Everywhere you look, you will be truly amazed. Alltrails rates this hike as easy/moderate.