Our Premium Cannabis

Our cannabis is grown in Salida, Colorado, in the Sawatch Mountain Range of the Rockies in sustainable greenhouses!


Our partner's greenhouses are positioned alongside the Arkansas River. We are blessed to be in such a beautiful spot in Colorado where our plants can benefit from the wonderful environment that Salida and the Rocky Mountains offer.


Our Cannabis gets to enjoy the sun's rays at over 7,000 feet in elevation. By replicating natural environment conditions, we encourage the maximum amount of sunlight for our plants. With 300+ days of sunshine and the increased sun strength due to the elevation, we ensure healthy, consistent cannabis.


Through tissue culture, our Colorado grow partner has helped us ensure consistency among all product lines. We focus on replicating our genetics so that we do not undergo genetic drift. It is our job to provide consumers with the most desirable and consistent strains and products.


ABV Cannabis Co. focuses on creating the highest quality cannabis products through environment-friendly business practices. All of the raw material used to create our products is sourced through our Colorado grow partner, Pure Greens. This allows us to remain consistent among all product categories so that our consumers have the most predictable experience. We work as a team to ensure excellence from seed to sale.

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