PRESS RELEASE: ABV Full Website Launch

For Immediate Release:

ABV Cannabis Company is extremely happy to announce the launch of its new website. The new site includes all things ABV and much more. Easily find out which retailers near you carry ABV, learn more about current and upcoming product releases, as well as insider tips on how to live a healthy, active lifestyle that incorporates cannabis.

From the founder, Adolphus A. Busch V states, “Our vision is to set the standard for the industry by staying true to our belief that the health of our consumers and the sustainability of our planet are of the utmost importance.”

ABV has grown relationships with more than 45 dispensaries and the company is “rolling up” new products for the third & fourth quarter of 2019.

The cannabis company is currently in the works with the regulating body in Colorado to be more involved in recycling and environmental programs.

From ABV: “We strive to bring our vision and products to life through clean, compliant, and sustainable business practices.”

ABV was born in Colorado, and as a result, the company wants to interact with the great community and outdoor culture. ABV’s goal with the new website is to educate consumers on their products, to collaborate with additional local partners and ambassadors, as well as reshape the image of the cannabis industry.

To see what makes ABV unique, check out the new website below: