ABV Sativa Disposable Pen: Durban Poison Terpenes

By | Jan 14, 2019

The sativa disposable vape pen features a truly uplifting, energetic, and inspiring experience. Ready to deep clean your carpet, wash your car, your neighbor’s car, and your neighbor’s neighbor’s car?

Getting up early to hike that 14er, thinking of blazing that trail, or perhaps just need an extra motivator to get you out and active? We thought so, which is why we think the sativa-blend vape pen is perfect for you.

Terpenes – Durban Poison strain

Our vape pens are a blend of a few different top-shelf sativas, but we wanted to add a little extra to our pens by introducing terpenes from one of our favorite, most recognizable sativa strains– the Durban Poison. Terpenes are responsible for the distinct smells and flavors within each strain. For instance, myrcene is found in things like mangoes and lemongrass, while terpenes like limonene can be extracted from peppermint and rosemary plants.

How Do You Extract Terpenes?

We’re able to extract terpenes from our favorite weed strains just as you’re able to extract terpenes from plants and foods. Through a process called fractional distillation (super sciency stuff here), we’re able to isolate those flavors, aromas, and even health benefits to add them to our vape pens.

What Terpenes Are Found In Durban Poison?

There are hundreds of terpenes, so we’ll spare you, but there is one in particular in Durban Poison that makes it smell and taste the way it does. Terpinolene does a lot of the heavy lifting as far as adding aroma and flavor to the Durban Poison, making up more than 70% of the terpenes found in this sativa strain. It has a sweet, piney, earthy smell and flavor to it. That’s why Durban Poison has such a strong, distinct scent. The other terpenes make up around 4-6% of the strain, so they’re not as cool to talk about, but someone else did.

Think of the sativa-blend disposable vape pen as the “espresso” of vape pens, minus the shakes or jitters. It’s similar to a lot of the reasons you probably drink coffee – it wakes you up, it’s invigorating, and it gets you focused on “seizing the day.” However, it doesn’t have a numbing or stoning effect, which means you can play it cool in public. This is for sure the go-to for a nice “wake ‘n’ bake” session, as it prepares you for the day with a clear, level, and creative mind.

It’ll help you accomplish those responsibilities you have, or follow through with those commitments you had. Look at you, you productive, active stoner you! You also won’t feel the need to eat everything you just bought from the grocery store all at once, which is nice, since you just bought like 4 vape pens.

So next time you’re at the dispensary and need a go-to for going out and makin’ moves, remember the sativa disposable vape pen will help lift you over those first few rocks.


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